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Oddio Overplay Showcases
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Volume 6 - Gumming It Up. Delicious music provided by artists all over the web. This one gummed up the works by refusing to be topic or genre specific. Just pure sugar in a sweet sticky mess!
[Tracks: 20, 66 minutes]

Volume 5 - Allure of Asia. Traditional music from Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar [formerly Burma], Thailand, Tuva and Vietnam
[Tracks: 15, 77 minutes]

Volume 4 - Red Army Favorites. Features songs covering multiple genres from Holy Mother Russia and her neighbors, mostly new pieces with a few traditional favorites
[Tracks: 23, 82 minutes]

Volume 3 - Kick The Gong Around. A collection of jazz tunes from 1932 - 1945 reflecting the drug culture popular among jazz musicians of the time
[Please Note: Much of that music can be found in UKCIA's Pot Culture Discography]

Volume 2 - Blues Done Got A Hold Of Me. Blues collection with tracks predominantly from the 1930s and '40s and including some bluesy jazz.
[Tracks: 22, 63 minutes]

Volume 1 - Pop Hits. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE Varied collection of tracks from all over the planet. Sets include international cuts, surf instrumentals, electronica and jazz.
[Tracks: 17, 76 minutes]