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Set 035
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CC Mixter Alpendub Fanny Alger Die Virtuelle Musikbibliotek Les Cristaux Liquident Ouim Records
CC Mixter
Creative Commons music sharing site - sample, mash, and share music legally, listenstream editor picks
[varied, mostly electronica]
beats, yodelling, zither, mouth harmonica, dub, and even some mountain goat bleats make up the the Alpendub experience
Fanny Alger
"good-times punk rock able to smile at itself," Fanny is a thoroughly enjoyable band; they even perform Devo covers!
[power pop, punk]
Det Virtuelle Musikbibliotek
The Online Music Research Library of Denmark, music portal of Danish performances
[classical, jazz, contemporary, electronic]
Les Cristaux Liquident
French electronica collective making ambient, dub, trip hop, break beat, dub, ska, trance, and other products of whisky, candy and soda intake
Ouim Records
an independent internet label centered in Sofia, Bulgaria, started in the beginning of 2005 with the goal of promoting electronic music
Evils That Never Came The Agriculture Surf Guitar 101 iCompositions 12bit.net
Evils That Never Came
mysterious guitar rock band sharing a high quality CD with you
The Agriculture
the Brooklyn label for "downtempo abstract beats, understated instrumentals" shares select catalog tracks
Surf Guitar 101
great community by and for surf musicians, hosts a fab compilation by the members
[surf, guitar]
online community sharing Garage Band® creations, plus lots of info for Mac music making
netlabel whose musical spectrum covers folk, "post- and indierock, electronica... and rap free of stereotypes,"
Morad Kaveh
son of an active Kurdish politician, Morad grew up on the move, now a teacher in Sweden
Experimedia 8Cylinder Throcke Particle Ophir Prison Barynya
a netlabel and online community for musical artists combining Creative Commons publishing and interactive tech
"made with computers and self-made gameboy programs... no pre-packaged or sampled drumloops are used"
lovely pieces from one Christopher Mollineaux Carson transplanted from North Carolina to Brooklyn, NYC
instrumental quartet’s trademark 'funktronic' sounds combine elements of electronica, funk, and rock
[funk jam]
Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and Temperance Society LMTD
lock up the women and the liquor
[marching band, jazz, folk]
folk dance and music ensemble performing Russian, Ukrainian, Klezmer, Gyspy and Cossack classics