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Happy Birthday, Comfort Stand!
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Happy Birthday, Comfort Stand!

Happy Birthday, Comfort Stand!, an online collection of more than 200 birthday tracks of all sorts to celebrate the first birthday of the free netlabel Comfort Stand, and to wish a Happy Birthday to you on your special day, too!


Comfort Cake. Comfort Stand recording artists have baked a Comfort Cake filled with scrumptous helpings of music to celebrate the birthday.

visit the website!

Click this little symbol at each song to visit the site which hosts it. If something tickles your fancy, please be sure to tell them so and to purchase the music, if it is available!

[updated with new live links November 2006]

    Site | Artist - Title
  1. visit the website!  Happy Birthday from the kids!
  2. visit the website!  Kim & Buran - Birthday Party [on Comfort Stand Recordings!]
  3. visit the website!  Terry Gajraj - Chutney Birthday
  4. visit the website!  Teenage Frames - Happy Birthday (from the Teenage Frames to you)
  5. visit the website!  Birthday Holler [°not direct link]
  6. visit the website!  Sheriff John - Put Another Candle on Your Birthday Cake [°not direct link] [alternate take here]
  7. visit the website!  Happy Birthday ragtime style
  8. visit the website!  Jan Turkenburg - Have Another Piece (Of Cake, of Course!)
  9. visit the website!  Happy Birthday from the whole gang!
  10. visit the website!  Iris Hoth - Happy Birthday [acappella]

  11. visit the website!  the Gobos - Birthday Song [°not direct link]
  12. visit the website!  Nine Inch Beatles - Close Birth - The Birthday Card
  13. visit the website!  Sjeng Verstappen - Happy Birthday [excerpt]
  14. visit the website!  a Frank Sinatra impersonator - Happy Birthday To You
  15. visit the website!  Scotch and Soda - Happy Birthday Comfort Stand
  16. visit the website!  Trev Williams - Happy Happy Birthday
  17. visit the website!  Phillipino kids - Happy Birthday [in Tagalog] [°not direct link]
  18. visit the website!  A Class Act - Birthday Mambo
  19. visit the website!  Terry Gajraj - Today Has Been My Birthday
  20. visit the website!  Socaraga - Soca Lombada - Happy Birthday (rocker)

  21. visit the website!  Wow Gang - Happy Birthday To Me [excerpt]
  22. visit the website!  Happy Birthday [happy BURPday]
  23. visit the website!  Happy Birthday from The Smurfs? [°not direct link]
  24. visit the website!  Phil Keaggy - Happy Birthday
  25. visit the website!  Walter Ostanek - Birthday Polka [°not direct link]
  26. visit the website!  Mikhail Mikhailov - Happy Birthday remix 2004 [in Russian]
  27. visit the website!  Fairyland Singers - Happy Birthday, Little Pal [yikes!] [°not direct link]
  28. visit the website!  Brian Funshine - How Old Are You + The New Birthday Song [°not direct link]
  29. visit the website!  Peter & Ellen Allard - A Happy Birthday To You
  30. visit the website!  Tanti Auguri (Happy Birthday in Italian) [°not direct link]

  31. visit the website!  Rob Birdwell - Happy Birthday Fantasy [brass variety]
  32. visit the website!  Dj SkepTiK - Happy Birthday [electronic variation]
  33. visit the website!  Jim Bottorff - Happy Birthday on a 5-String Banjo
  34. visit the website!  Jay Buckey - Happy Birthday Banjo
  35. visit the website!  Jay Buckey - Happy Birthday Fiddle
  36. visit the website!  Bob Garlough - Happy Birthday Blues
  37. visit the website!  Just Us Band with Lilly Diamond - Happy Birthday Me
  38. visit the website!  Art Paul Schlosser - Happy Birthday clip [enjoy the frog]
  39. visit the website!  Les Tontons Flingueurs - Happy Birthday.... Audiard [excerpt]
  40. visit the website!  the Noisies - The Birthday Song (unplugged)

  41. visit the website!  Happy Birthday from Centre Radio [alternate take]
  42. visit the website!  Pixies 3 - Birthday Party
  43.      Splashdance - Happy, Happy Birthday To You
  44. visit the website!  Happy Birthday, Your Highness [from Coming to America]
  45. visit the website!  the Simpsons - Happy Birthday, Mr. Smithers
  46. visit the website!  Jinnie - Happy Birthday, Kiwi
  47. visit the website!  Terry Gajraj - Sweet 16 Ragga
  48. visit the website!  the Rat Pack - Happy Birthday, Tina Sinatra [°not direct link]
  49. visit the website!  Happy Birthday, Lou
  50. visit the website!  Elvis - Last Vegas - Happy Birthday Charlie Hodge

  51. visit the website!  Elvis - Happy Birthday, James [°not direct link]
  52. visit the website!  CenterStage Productions - Happy Birthday, World
  53. visit the website!  Brobdingnagian Bards - Bilbo The Hobbits Happy Birthday Song
  54. visit the website!  Sportsmen Quartet on Jack Benny Show - Happy Birthday, Lucky Strikes
  55. visit the website!  the Who - Roger Daltrey Sings Happy Birthday to Pete Townshend [1997]
  56. visit the website!  Billy Murray - Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party (1937)
  57. visit the website!  Marc Gunn - Happy Birthday From Ireland
  58. visit the website!  Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake
  59. visit the website!  Folk Fiction - Happy Birthday [goth]
  60. visit the website!  Altered Images - Happy Birthday

  61. visit the website!  Slouch In The Couch Childrens Corner Band - The New Happy Birthday Song [°not direct link] [alternate host]
  62. visit the website!  [Roymond with] Fiona, Samara and Anna - Happy Birthday, Daddy
  63. visit the website!  Captain Zoom - Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
  64. visit the website!  David R. Field - Happy Birthday to Me
  65. visit the website!  Jamie Thompson - Happy Appy Appy Appy Birthday!
  66. visit the website!  Bruce Dukov, violinist - Happy Birthday

    newest birthday songs:

  67. visit the website!  Pine Club - Birthday Times
  68. visit the website!  John Cocking - Happy Birthday, Rosalie
  69. visit the website!  Curt Grainger - Happy Birthday [Beatles cover]
  70. visit the website!  Koda Kumi - Birthday Eve (instrumental)

  71. visit the website!  Mike Hughes - Dreamy Birthday
  72. visit the website!  Mike Hughes - Beethoven Birthday
  73. visit the website!  Mike Hughes - Techo-Dance Birthday
  74. visit the website!  Mike Hughes - Adventurous Birthday
  75. visit the website!  Mike Hughes - Reggae Birthday
  76. visit the website!  Mike Hughes - Ragtime Birthday
  77. visit the website!  Mike Hughes - Chopin Birthday
  78. visit the website!  Ice Weasels, Jason Bentley - Royalty-Free Birthday Song (Mobfront Mix
  79. visit the website!  Dana Drake - Ahoy, Columbus!/ Happy Happy Birthday
  80. visit the website!  Fred Waring & Pennsylvanians - Fo Fum Fi Fee, New Happy Birthday Song

  81. visit the website!  Ciraldo Duo - Birthday Wish, composed by Matthew Van Brink
           [live at Raytheon Amphitheater, Boston]
  82. visit the website!  Barber Shop Singers - Happy Birthday
  83. visit the website!  scary ringtone cover of Beatles - Happy Birthday
  84. visit the website!  Elfed Hayes - Happy Birthday A Cappella
  85. visit the website!  The Raving Daves - Happy Birthday [live]
  86. visit the website!  Moto - Happy Birthday [Japan]
  87. visit the website!  Douglas Bechler - Happy Birthday Gudi
  88. visit the website!  The Uncle Brothers - The Other Happy Birthday Song
  89. visit the website!  Mad Music featuring rapper Urs - Sarah Birthday [Czech Republic]
  90. visit the website!  Billy Sugarfix - Ferrel Birthday

  91. visit the website!  Georgette Fry - Birthday Blues
  92. visit the website!  Barry Issac - Birthday Song [excerpt]
  93. visit the website!  Say It in a Song - Happy Birthday, Kate
  94. visit the website!  Blue's Clues - Birthday Song
  95. visit the website!  Rigas - Happy Birthday
  96. visit the website!  P&P Studios - Happy Birthday demo [Germany]
  97. visit the website!  Dangerous Innersense - Birthday
  98. visit the website!  Leps - Birthday [Russia]
  99. visit the website!  Bagpipers for Hire - Happy Birthday -OR-
  100. visit the website!  Brad Beaton of the Bagpiping Beatons - Happy Birthday to You

  101. visit the website!  Thunderegg - Birthday Envelope
  102.      Unknown - Happy Birthday [excellent, but who is it?]
  103. visit the website!  Franchise Music - Happy Birthday, Edith [or Happy Birthday, Patrizia]
  104. visit the website!  Mister Music - Happy Birthday
  105. visit the website!  Simon Parry announcing Radio Trent's 5th Birthday [England]
  106. visit the website!  little Jiordian Tolli sings Happy Birthday to Tom Oliver [look how precious]
  107. visit the website!  George Raphael - Happy Birthday [Zulu]
  108. visit the website!  Unknown - Happy Birthday All My Friends [Korea] [to many more Korean birthday songs]
  109. visit the website!  Charm House - Birthday
  110. visit the website!  Magic - Happy Birthday

  111. visit the website!  The Jealous Girlfriends - Birthday Song
  112. visit the website!  Tux Tronic - Gangsta's Birthday [instrumental]
  113. visit the website!  Concrete Cookie - Birthday [Beatles tweaked]
  114. visit the website!  Aozu - Birthday [Japan] [°not direct link]
  115. visit the website!  Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday
  116. visit the website!  K3 - Happy Birthday [Japan]
  117. visit the website!  Psymystical - Birthday [8:12 instrumental]
  118. visit the website!  Royal Australian Armoured Corps Band - Royal Birthday [in 1966]
  119. visit the website!  Pash - Birthday Song
  120. visit the website!   Dr. Joseph A. Paradiso at MIT - Metastable Birthday
    ["It's extremely simple; the phoneme synth on one channel and the top-octave generator on the other, both tracking a minimoog square-wave through a pair of (barely stable) phase-locked loops"]

  121. visit the website!  The Party Party [rx] - Birthday Party [info]
  122. visit the website!  Hero Models - Happy Birthday, Boyfriends
  123. visit the website!  rntz - happy bd mix
  124. visit the website!  Believe [Hawaii] - Birthday Song [excerpt]
  125. visit the website!  Norm [Hawaii] - Happy Birthday Darling [excerpt]
  126. visit the website!  Phlying Saucer - Sad Happy Birthday
  127. visit the website!  Amanda Holmes - Happy Birthday
  128.      Cracker - Happy Birthday to Me [very Camper Van Beethoven] [live version, Internet Archive]
  129. visit the website!  Happy Birthday Farz [India, from Bollywood film]
  130. visit the website!  The Woodsmen - Happy Birthday

  131. visit the website!  Chaozhou Gong and Drum - Ten Immortals Celebrating Birthday [excerpt, China, instrumental]
  132. visit the website!  Marcy T - Happy Birthday [Japan, instrumental]
  133. visit the website!  theme Happy Birthday JMS
  134. visit the website!  Brandie - Happy Birthday Heartache
  135. visit the website!  Matthew Mascolo - Birthday Song
  136. visit the website!  Chris Trapper - Birthday Song
  137. visit the website!  Fiasco Recording Artists - Happy Birthday Charlie
  138. visit the website!  Sesame Street - Happy Birthday Song
  139. visit the website!  New Monsoon - Happy Birthday Jam [live]
  140. visit the website!  Wayne Hancock - Happy Birthday Julie [live]

  141. visit the website!  Club Baby - Birthday Song
  142. visit the website!  Jason Shanks - Happy Birthday [Native American flute]
  143. visit the website!  Laura Ingalls Wilder play soundtrack - Birthday Hoedown
  144. visit the website!  Painkiller - Happy Birthday
  145. visit the website!  Jenn Frank [age 18] - The Birthday Song (Today's My Birthday)
  146. visit the website!  Brian Vitellaro - Happy Birthday
  147. visit the website!  Anna Nicholson - Birthday Celebration
  148. visit the website!  Chris P. Cauley - Birthday Party
  149. visit the website!  Andrew Bird [violinist] - The Happy Birthday Song [7:34, live, instrumental] [entire concert]
  150. visit the website!  Wendy Woo - Birthday Candles

  151.      NOFX - New Happy Birthday Song?
  152. visit the website!  Cycle of Violence - Birthday Song (for Bill Hicks) [live]
  153. visit the website!  Doug Newman - Happy Happy Birthday
  154. visit the website!  Totally Michael - Birthday Song
  155. visit the website!  Yutaka Ozaki - Happy Birthday [Japan]
  156. visit the website!  The Fraggles - Happy Birthday to Me [Season 5]
  157. visit the website!  a rockin' Korean girl - Happy [who is she?]
  158. visit the website!  Lollipop Balloons - Another Birthday (Just Blows Your Mind)
  159. visit the website!  Steve Ball - Birthday [guitar instrumental]
  160. visit the website!  NBA player Zach Randolph from the Trailblazers wishes you a happy birthday!

  161. visit the website!  Kat Caverly - Happy Birthday (No Evil Productions) [Kat rules! -katya]
  162. visit the website!  Tyrone - Birthday Ballet
  163. visit the website!  The Sugarcubes - Birthday [Iceland]
  164. visit the website!   - Sister's Birthday
  165. visit the website!  Dethlok - Birthday Dethday [from the Adult Swim nuts]
  166.        Wierd Al Yankovic - Birthday
  167. visit the website!  Katie Thompson - Birthday
  168. visit the website!  Chris Watts - Birthday [Lisa Loeb cover]
  169.      Happy Birthday Uuf Kya Jaadoo Mohabbat Hai
  170. visit the website!  Peter Kossek - Happy Birthday [symphonic software]

  171. visit the website!  Ran Jurgenson - Happy Birthday to Me
  172.      Schmutz - Didn't Mean to Miss Your Birthday
  173. visit the website!  Moby - Sunday Was a Fine Day (The Day Before My Birthday)
  174. visit the website!  Baby Farrow - Happy Birthday, Daddy
  175. visit the website!  Happy Birthday to Ngoc Anh [Vietnam]
  176. visit the website!  Lake Effect Harmony Chorus
  177.      Paula Marie - Happy Birthday Baby
  178. visit the website!  Morton Gould's Birthday March
  179. visit the website!  Kid Dynamite - Birthday
  180.      Jimi Hendrix - Happy Birthday [alternate host here]

  181. visit the website!  Linda Book - I Wish It Were My Birthday
  182. visit the website!  IOOF Hall - 1704 Graveley St - Ross Campbell 21st Birthday
  183. visit the website!  Leejay Abucayan - Happy Birthday Beats
  184. visit the website!  Barbara Dennerlein - Birthday Blues [organ instrumental]
  185.      Conway Twitty - Happy Birthday Darlin'
  186.      Neil Sedaka - Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen [an alternate host]
  187. visit the website!  Nuku Nuku - Happy Birthday to Me [Japan]
  188. visit the website!  BB King - Happy Birthday Blues
  189. visit the website!  boys from the Cavegirl TV show cast - Nettle's Birthday Song
  190. visit the website!  The Twistin' Tarantulas - Birthday Suit [excerpt]

  191. visit the website!  Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra - Happy Birthday
  192. visit the website!  Tony Barnard - Birthday Song [jazz instrumental]
  193. visit the website!  Dan Braund - Happy Happy Birthday Song
  194. visit the website!  Olivier Wursten Olmos - Happy Birthday [silly]
  195. visit the website!  Venison - Birthday
  196. visit the website!  Visual Music [Howard Forman] - Today Is Your Birthday
  197. visit the website!  The Deep Listening Band - Renko's Birthday
  198. visit the website!  Red Devil Projekt - Birthday Song (D-Day Edit)
  199. visit the website!  The Grateful Dead wishes David Crosby a Happy Birthday
  200. visit the website!  Subterfuge - Kiss Me, It's My Birthday

  201. visit the website!  The FYUs - Zombie Birthday
  202. visit the website!  Jerry Shean - My Baby's Birthday Blues [live]
  203. visit the website!  The Pikers - Beatles' Birthday a cappela [live]
  204. visit the website!  Joseph Arthur - Birthday Card [live]
  205. visit the website!  Low Dogs - Happy Birthday, Kami
  206. visit the website!  String Cheese Incident - Happy Birthday to You [country-fied live]
  207. visit the website!  Black C - It's Ya Birthday [adult, 50 Cents cover]
  208. visit the website!  RxR - Matt's Birthday [instrumental] [°not direct link]
  209. visit the website!  RxR - Happy Birthday To You [°not direct link]
  210. visit the website!  Marilyn Monroe for President Kennedy 1962

  211. visit the website!  Happy Birthday to You [piano]
  212. visit the website!  Billy Sugarfix - Generic Summer Birthday Song

    plus a story:

  213. visit the website!  Schweinfurt Middle School Student - A Birthday [read along with story]

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