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Oddio Overplay Playlists
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These compilations are ephemeral and ever-changing.
The songs come and go, and the playlists change with them.
Some were originally created for the Webjay.org community.

Happy Birthday!. Collection of nearly 100 birthday tracks gathered together to celebrate the first birthday of that fun and free netlabel Comfort Stand Recordings Comfort Stand Favorites. A happy assortment of favorites from the quirky all free all the time Comfort Stand Recordings netlabel. Large catalog from which to choose your own collection of favorites! Mix them up at Webjay.org and have them your way.
Mama Cat. A friendly of set kitty cat songs to celebrate the release of Matt and Christopher's Mama Cat book. Just right for curling up at home with the furry folk you love.

Brasilado, Meu Coração em Brasil. Treasures from Brazil including capoeira, forro, berimbau, samba, bossa and all those delicious flavors of sensual Brazilian music. This one actually appeared in the New York Times!
Japan and Okinawa. Enjoy traditional sounds and songs from Okinawa and Japan. Dedicated to dearest friends Hiroyuki and Shizuka who changed my world. Sends Me. An adult playlist with a charming variety of marvelous tracks. These songs are just right for gearing up and letting loose. Keep this one tucked in a nightstand drawer or high on a shelf well out of reach. Not recommended for children.
Covers Volume 2, the Song Fighters. For your aural pleasure, Oddio Overplay presents some of the best amateur reinterpretations performed by Song Fighters in side projects outside of Song Fight. California. Songs to keep California close to a New York heart (while the scuba and surf gear collects dust in the closet). Never forget that it is only a three day drive.
Canoodle. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we present for your enterainment a lovely collection of turn-of-the-century tenors captured on phonograph and cylinder recordings" From the Kingdom of the White Stork. A collection of folk music from Poland, the land of the white stork. No other country is home to more stork residents per square kilometer than Poland, the Kingdom of the White Stork. At last count, there are 40,900 stork couples nesting there.

:::: A few others are being updated. You can listen to them all at Grabb.it. ::::
Big Blue Marble. Music made by kids, because kids rock! If you were a kid in the 1970s and early 1980s, you may remember an internationally generated and syndicated tv show called BIG BLUE MARBLE. Here are kids all over the marble making music of their own! Covers. Fun set of covers and parodies of rock songs. Rockers put their spins on the classics. [the cover]
School Bands. Endearing pieces from folks taking early steps into the world of music [the cover] Blip and Beep. Blips for gentle people. Delicate electronic lullabies untainted by air and by carbon. [the cover]
The Gosport Tragedy of 1726. The folk song "Pretty Polly" grew from a real incident in England in 1726. A young pregnant woman was murdered and buried by her lover. The tragedy was set to song and brought to the Americas by British emigrants. [the cover] Popcorn!. Several variations on electronic music pioneer Gershon Kingsley's classic tune "Popcorn" made famous by Hot Butter [the cover]